Monday, April 13, 2009

Coral Bay crocodile

On Tuesday a large saltwater crocodile was spotted near Coral Bay in Western Australia. This was the first time in 10 years they had found a crocodile this far south on the west coast. The problem was they had lost sight of it again and the Easter long weekend was quickly approaching.

The stretch of coastline is a popular destination for recreational campers for boating, fishing and swimming. Not knowing where the crocodile would next turn up was creating a political nightmare for the Department of Conservation and Environment who had to find the croc and attempt to get the message out to the local community and visiting tourists on the potential risk.

By Saturday they had found the crocodile again near Gnaraloo Bay 30 kilometres south of Coral Bay. With a spotter plane to assist the search they attempted to track it, planning to capture it alive if possible. However keeping a eye on its movements was proving difficult as it kept diving out of sight. Later on it was spotted again moving north and authorities deemed it a better option to shoot the animal instead to end the matter.


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