Monday, April 13, 2009

Another croc news day

Another day here in Darwin and we still have plenty to talk about regarding crocodiles.

During the busy Easter long weekend the inebriated fellow on the right here decided to dance on top of a croc trap in Darwin Harbour and wave to passerbys, who of course took this picture of him that was also put on the cover of todays paper.

And in other news there seems to be a growing number of people speaking up in anticipation of the Wednesday release of a draft crocodile management plan, and what it might entail.

Yesterday the Minister for Primary Industry Kon Vatskalis says he is pushing for crocodile safari's in the Top End. Crocodile safari hunting has always been a very political issue here in Australia.

Today Sally Isberg from the Darwin Crocodile Farm spoke out in concern for how the new management plan would handle the allocation of wild eggs and how that would affect the crocodile farming industry.

And also today Gerry Wood the independent member for Nelson spoke out against the proposed 5o kilometre 'croc free zone', saying it was impossible to maintain an area completely free of crocodiles and that the government would leave itself open to a lawsuit if somebody was to be attacked with the area.

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