Monday, October 5, 2009

Jail house croc

Police at Gunbalanya in the Northern Territory captured a 2 metre crocodile that was reported loitering near the township by concerned locals. The police captured and bound up the croc and kept her in the jail cell for 3 days. The policeman was quoted;
"I wanted to jump on it Steve Irwin style," he said. "But (the rangers) wouldn't let me."
Perhaps they didn't want him to use unnecessary force.

A few months earlier Police at the same community shot dead a crocodile that was also found walking overland. On this occasion they stated that the crocodile had become aggressive and was attacking a fence. A fence which apparently was the barricade between the crocodile and the safety of the waterhole on the other side.

Crocodiles attack idiots

With some of the crocodile attack stories that occur you would wonder whether the victim was attempting to make a claim for the Darwin awards.

A few days ago a man was attacked by a crocodile after swimming at Bucket Billabong within Kakadu National Park in Australia's Northern Territory. It is a location that is well known and signposted as being crocodile habitat and people are warned not to swim. The victim received deep puncture wounds to his arm and was treated at a nearby clinic in Jabiru.

Also within the last week, an American tourist was attacked by a crocodile near the Mexican tourist resort of Cancun. The victim approached the waters edge to take a leak when he was attacked by the crocodile. He received multiple bites wounds and a head injury but survived to tell the story, sheepishly. The area also reportedly has plenty of crocodile warning signs in place.

This goes to show that although crocodile warning signs are important for crocodile safety and most people take them seriously, there are always a few who think they know better.