Friday, March 20, 2009

Living with Crocodiles

This has been a tragic week for the residents of the Darwin region following the loss of Briony Goodsell, 11, to a saltwater crocodile in Darwin's rural area last sunday. It has been an absolute shock to the local community because many people living in these areas didn't realise the dangers of crocodiles can reach almost into peoples backyards when waters levels rise due to wet season runoff. To some people the risk of crocodile attack is something that is associated with tidal rivers and not with the tiny creeks and isolated pools that are scattered amongst peoples property's in the rural area here. Incidents such as these often result in a call for culling and stronger action.

There has been a massive amount of media coverage in response to this story and hopefully something that might come out of this is a greater awareness of the dangers of crocodiles, and a stronger focus on crocodile management, monitoring and community education that may help to prevent this from happening again.

Also within this last week were four other crocodile stories in our local paper showing just how close the dangers of crocodiles are to the community.
The first was a fisherman in Darwin Harbour who was stalked by a crocodile. Secondly a 1.7 metre crocodile was captured from the Botanic Gardens in Darwin city. Thirdly a 5.5 metre croc was stalking another fisherman at the low level bridge at Adelaide River, a place where kids regularly swim. Lastly a 2.4 metre crocodile was caught at another swimming spot behind peoples' property in the rural area.

Below is a video from the fisherman in Darwin Harbour, warning however, colourful Territory language used!

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