Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crocodile attacks dog

Earlier this morning we received reports of a crocodile attack on Casuarina beach in Darwin's northern suburbs. A lady reported that a crocodile had attacked and chased her dog while she was walking it along the beach with her two year old daughter. The dog was in shallow water at the time and has survived the attack.

The typically happy natured black labrador-cross apparently thought it was a big game when the crocodile lunged at him in the shallow surf, snapping and attempting to grab him, but he jumped back and bounded around as if to say, you can't catch me.

Meanwhile the mother immediately grabbed her child who was 5 metres away playing in the shallows, who was apparently quite keen to pat the crocodile. Fortunately nobody was injured, but it shows just how close it could have been for the young child. Luckily the crocodile was interested in the dog (as crocodiles usually are). The curious crocodile, obviously not afraid of humans, followed them as they walked back along the beach 100 metres to the Northern Territory Surf Life Saving Centre.

Saltwater Crocodiles are quite common along this beach and many will eventually get caught in croc traps as they attempt to move into freshwater creeks in Darwin Harbour. They can also move along the coast several kilometres during the night and appear in new locations undetected. However most people may not be aware of this as very few people have ever seen a crocodile off the coast in Darwin.

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