Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rogue Creatures

I know this isn't a crocodile story but it sure has some resemblance to the usual stories. An eel attacking swimmers in a national park sparks debate on whether it should be moved on. Some of the comments are interesting. It's hard to conjure scary thoughts when picturing an eel compared to crocodile or shark stories. Perhaps the eel needs more graphic teeth!

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Mr T said...

A few years ago a man was fishing in a Noosa Canal in water up to his shorts when he was attacked.
He lost most of the flesh and muscle from his lower leg to the bight, which was so bad that his leg was amputated below the knee later in hospital.
Lucky for him a nearby fisherman came to his aid and dragged him out of the water.
He used to tell everyone it was a shark as the truth was too unbelievable, it was actually a huge Flat-head with a head the size of a wheel barrow, he said.